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The only arguments against tying POT to Pot, summarily answered

This was a reply to an old post I made last night. I want everyone to see it. I'm obviously replying to the quoted parts.

tl;dr at bottom.
Look at the chart.
I had to comment on this post because it seems like no one in the 'crypto' world actually recognizes the amount of money (FIAT) that goes into creating a business of a grow/co-op.
While I can appreciate your need to speak for "everyone" you do not speak for me. I have and currently do represent a number of Arizona dispensaries in the much needed, reputation management area. I know PRECISELY what goes into a dispensary and grow operation as far as initial capital, fees, build-out, final inspections, advertising, investing in the grow or coop. And then monthly maintenance, building costs, labor, etc, etc. It's a business, we get it. Further, one of my better clients... I know how much he makes per year after costs. And as a non-profit, it has to be given away. If you can give it away and create an economy at the same time...?
And we didn't tell you to
  1. convert solely to cryptocurrency
  2. hold a high stake at any given time in any particular crypto.
Everyone is in a disillusioned world of crypto that doesn't even exist yet.
Once again... speaking for everyone, thanks. YOU are the one that exists in a world where crypto doesn't exist. We are in a different world. Most of us had smartphones while everyone was sporting RAZRs. We had a web presence before many fortune 500 companies. We... are your future. You want national adoption... adopt us first.
WE, are trying to tell you, accept the future, or become the next Blockbuster.
I am going to list some of my expenses that I can't pay for with POTcoin:
  • Electricity
Solar. There are, good, electronics stores that take BTC for solar. Cause ya'know, hippies. Don't say it can't be done. It's past-tense.
  • Internet * Phone
I really don't have time to list why this is not worth listing.
  • Rent
Everyone in the United States pays rent or mortgage.
  • Insurance
Right, here is an industry that needs crypto too.
  • Payroll
Have you asked? Have you said, hey... wanna get paid in this untraceable currency? You know, the one you don't have to report getting?
  • Taxes
See, previous. Maybe you haven't heard? FedSEC says, Crypto no bueno currency, Crypto = Property. Dispensaries here are non-profit. Donate your property (Pot), we donate our property (POT) and no income is triggered, because POT is based on Pot. Parity trade. NO taxes!
  • Advertising (ads, business cards, flyers)
Dude... if you ACCEPT crypto... you won't spend another dollar on advertising for at least a year. I promise. Everyone HERE promises. Not another dime on advertising. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Office Supplies (pens and paper to computers and printers/ink to office chairs and furniture)
I'll just pretend you didn't list this. If you're hurting so bad for these items, you either need to have a talk with that staff of yours, change habits, or change systems. If it is a matter of state requirements. Don't list it.
  • Maintenance & Cleaning (from paying people to clean to the supplies they use)
So, you can't find some undocumenteds that want bueno crypto? Really? Tell them, UNTRACEABLE... CAN SEND ACROSS ANY BORDER AT 1% OR LESS!
  • Fertilizers and growing supplies
See solar. Hippies. Many accept BTC.
  • Legal Fees
Find a lawyer that takes crypto, they exist.
How do you expect me to forget the fiat game?
Don't want you to. We want you to accept it on par with fiat. That's the idea. YOU are creating the economy.
Even if I only accepted POTcoin,
Surely don't want you to do that. Plus if you are a legit place you have AARP customers that probably aren't privy to crypto. They will cover the rent.
I'd have to exchange to FIAT to pay my bills because AT&T is never going to take PotCoin as payment...
That's actually a direction I am moving toward... servicing customers like you that have crypto and want to interact with the non-crypto world. You add me to your utilities and bills, and I am like the online bill pay for altcoin.
But see, it has to start somewhere!
In 1993 I was begging people to buy domain names. "What the hell do I need that for?" Indeed. I cashed out most of my single noun and single verb domains in the late 90's before the dot com collapse and didn't work for a few years after that from the sales. Coasted right thru the crash.
and the only way to not get screwed by any crazy jumps in the market are to do it instantly at the point of transaction for every purchase... even waiting a day could lose me 20% on days like today.
Once again, that's where my company will fill a need. I'm actually very well trained in high speed trading and forex coding in MT4. This, is rather simple, comparatively.
I will guarantee no-slip membership levels. That means, LOCKED IN TRADES. We take the hit if we make a bad trade, in getting your fiat back.
Please I would love to hear any real options and this isn't an attack on the posters or people in this community, just a very real down to earth and inquisitive request.
Please... take a chance...
THEN... be negative if it doesn't work. Or be a hero, WHEN it does.
The price of your coin went from 1POT = $0.01USD to 1POT = $0.0055USD <~ pretty much a 50% drop in price in the past 3 days. HOW ARE YOU NOT ALL UPSET BY THIS! Even as the price per BTC of POTcoin goes up, you are losing value because you are tied to BTC.

We want to untie from BTC and tie to Weed. I ideally, would like to see a range of:
 0.125 - 0.420 for 1/8th of Medical Grade bottom shelf California state average 
California chosen due to per capita and population.
In fact, here's a nice plot.
Does that grab your attention? Do you understand how to pay your bills now?
You have to realize, with FedSECs ruling... this is a LEGIT thing. You can literally create value out of nothing. NO ONE HERE WILL COMPLAIN IF YOU FIX THE PRICE OF POT TO POT. Promise. Cross my Heart.
And the biggest thing is... if you can buy an 1/8th of weed for 0.420POT...
it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the coin to collapse... ever.
Think about it. But it needs to be mutual agreement, almost cartel like, no undercutting, etc. It's for the benefit of everyone. I even promise not to shop at a place that is undercutting if you fix POT to Pot.
If you fix that price of POT to anything more than a decimal point over in value vs USD... you make A LOT of POTcoin holders wealthy. And the first place they will come to spend their money is on real pot. And depending on how wealthy... maybe AT YOUR PLACE. Because I need a vaca.
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